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    Company Profile
    Gothic component company is a branch of Lanzhou Gothic Decoration and project co.Ltd. It is a professional enterprise that devotes to produce and develop building materials. Its main product is GRC gothic component that can be used for inside and outside decoration of luxurious European garden neighborhood、houses、hotels、churches high ranking office building as well as rebuilding of old building.
    Gothic component company is the first one that sets up a serials of products standard including design production test and fitting . its products are of high quality and excellent workmanship and have passed the test of Lanzhou and Gansu quality and technical supervision bureau for five years. Their products are of high precision、strength、smooth and good cold and heat resistant and can be used to replace the expensive granite、aluminum and plastic board and etc. and have the duration. They are very solid and convenient and can match the main style of building and decorated with polychrome inside and outside emulsion paints or stone paints and  entirely embody the ever changing and beautiful classical verve and showy style of European building and they embody higher life standard of new century , so using gothic components can make sure your projects revalue for a long time.
    Beside,Lanzhou gothic decoration company has its other filial including European furniture filial and glass sculpture ,art grit and other 300 kinds of products . all these products can be used for building garden town、hotel、luxurious bar、tea house、pub、coffee bar、KTV、spa and beauty parlor as well as various enterprises inside and outside decoration , landscape design and building project .
    Cordially welcome all circles to discuss business ,order products and cooperate with us.